Our Team

Our Team

Our company is as a family business and for several years we have been working with interns who come from Germany to assist us with all the necessary tasks on the ranch, for example, working with the horses, accompanying horseback riding, looking after our animals like, chickens, dogs, cats, our cow Amanda, Gardening, cooking and service for our guests, etc. This is an enriching experience for our interns and also for us.

We work with a Chilean guide who has been at the ranch for over 10 years and knows the area and our horses perfectly. Another important member is our Chilean employee and assistant, who supports us in all types of work, be it with the animals or the general maintenance of the horse ranch. And of course the most important members of our team, our horses, whom we give a very balanced and natural life.

If you want to visit us, you are very welcome. To book a tour, you can email us a few days in advance as we do not have a phone reception at the ranch. However, I try to answer the mails as soon as possible.


(Ranch owner)