Nature park Alto Palguin

Nature park Alto Palguin

We assume that nature in its primordial form, has a lot to offer and show us as humans. Moving through a primal landscape brings us closer to our roots and thus to our own balance. This process serves our physical and mental health and acts as a natural medicine to a life system out of balance. In this way get closer to the ancient ideas of living together and in balance with nature, rather than manipulating it.

Main activities in the park

Hiking, horseback riding, meditating, games (adventure and balance games), exploring the natural flora, camping, picnic (with possibility for barbecue on the campfire), swimming under the waterfall and as a general meeting point

Our Objectives

• To bring the urban population closer to primal nature in an interactive way

• To convey joy in life, movement and strength (specially for the youth, but also of other age groups)

• To protect nature with the revenues

• Publicity for local artists, artesanos and builders

• To offer the community of Pucon a new nature based destination

• Show a more modest way of life

• To steer the mental horizon of consumer citizens to more simple enjoyments

• To show foreigners a part of the Chilean flora

The Nature Park Alto Palguín is a purely idealistic project without a commercial motive. Entrance fees are only for the preservation or promotion of the project

Entry fee of 2500 pesos Chilenos for adults

Children entrance fee of 1500 pesos Chilenos