Short tours

Half-day ride into the Valley of Palguin

This horseback ride takes us into the Valley of Palguin, where the River Palguin leads downhill. We ride on a comfortable path through meadows and fields to a beautiful place near the river, where we take our break. On the way back we get a nice view of the volcano Quetrupillan. Good for beginners too, as there are no steep climbs to overcome.

Duration: ca. 4 hours

Category: : easy 

Price:  40 Euro without transfer

1 day horseback riding to the volcano Quetrupillan

This beautiful riding expedition will lead us to the volcano Quetrupillan (2100m above sea level). We ride through a lichen-hung southern beech forest (Coihues), which is particularly characterized by its silence, through the araucaria forest, to reach our destination, the rugged mountain landscape of the volcano. There, on a high platform, near the Quetrupillan, we will enjoy the fascinating view over the regional Andean chain and, with a bit of luck, be able to observe the Condor, King of the Andes.

Duration: 7 hours aprox. 

Category: medium - difficult

Price: 70 Euro (incl. Picnic) 80 Euro with transfer