The Ranch – Horse riding in Chile

The ranch is situated about 32 km (20 miles) east of Pucon, nested in the jungle, amidst spectacular waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes. From here you can start to explore the nature on our well trained horses. We offer horseback-riding from 1 hrs to 4 days into the National Park Villarrica, out of the civilisation, also for beginners. Or you can hike through our Nature Park, with waterfalls, rivers, hugh trees, wooden sculptures, see the ancient Araucaria forest (monkey-puzzle-trees), climb up to the Volcano Quetrupillan, to enjoy the fantastic view over the Andes. Non-riders we offer the opportunity to familiarize themselves in a safe environment with the horses and to overcome anxiety.

If you like only to hike you have a selection of marked hiking trails through the original nature available. Waterfalls, crystal clear mountain streams, giant trees and Valdivian rainforest are parts of our beautiful surroundings. For long-term travellers our ranch is a place to rest and relaxation before going to a new stage of the journey. Directly on the ranch we either have no cell phone reception, so that we have to comunicate via e-mail in the summer (December-March), or leave a message on our celphone and I call you back or Whatsapp. Nevertheless try often, because if we are in Pucon, you can reach us by telephone.

The seclusion of our lives on the ranch

Rancho de Caballos emerged 30 years ago from the desire to share the excitement of our simple life in the mountains of Chile with other people and to show them the originality and unique beauty of Chilean nature from horseback.

 As part of our small park there are some marked hiking trails reaching the nearby waterfalls and beautiful viewpoints also by foot.

 Throughout the last 30 years communication in our society has changed a lot. Also for us there have been a lot of adjustments since in the beginning we would mainly communicate through telephone and fax (from the nearby city pucon) and today it’s via Mail, WhatsApp and through the Webpage. To always be reachable and interact immediately has its advantages – especially for a business – but what if there are still places outside of this constant accessibility? Rancho de Caballos is not connected to a network, every mail comes with a travel expense, which we gladly accept to welcome those who are interested in our tours and mountain life.

No phone, no internet and no TV are things that are rare in this day and age. Once out of the constant accessibility, once again being given the space to be on your own and interact in harmony with nature, spending peaceful evenings at the campfire under the fantastic starry sky and enjoying rides on small paths through a quiet forest, without the noises of cars or ringing cell phones.

Travel to Germany has shown us in recent years in what an oasis of peace we live in here in Chile.

Going back to the roots of life is a luxury in today's fast-paced world. This includes making firewood to keep it warm; Plant and sow so that you can harvest fresh vegetables from the garden or dig and cultivate the canals for your own drinking water and sustainable electricity through hydropower.

So we would like to invite all those who want to immerse themselves for a short time into a world that has preserved its originality and tranquillity - be it in the mountains on a horseback ride or here on our piece of land with our animals, the waterfalls, a lagoon and beautiful hiking trails.

Dies ist ein Teil eines Filmes, der vom WDR über Chile bei uns in 2009 gedreht wurde. Leider hat das Wetter nicht so ganz mitgespielt, wie es eigentlich im Sommer sein sollte. Schnee im Sommer, ein besonderes Erlebnis.